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  1. I hope everyone is doing okay. It shouldn't be to long now for the grand reopening after the craziness of this year. (Fingers Crossed!) Hopefully we will be seeing all our lovely Welsh customers in April and the rest of the UK in the not to long near future.

    But if you fancy some home shopping. The website is being updated daily with our new Pembrokeshire creations. We've been keeping busy here in our corner of West Wales creating and  designing, ready to show you as soon as we've been given the okay.

    Thank you to all of our lovely customers. 

  2. With all the craziness thats happening out there, we are still here for all of our lovely customers who are wanting to be out and about. But if your unsure and are staying indoors you can shop from our lovely website... www.saltwaterstudiopembroke.co.uk 

    If you have seen anything we have posted with our original one off pieces, we can simply add to the website to take the order and be delivered to the safety of your home.

    Thank you lovely customers.